Itinerary: Isfahan-Desert-Yazd-Shiraz

Duration : 7 days

Day 1:Arrive Isfahan-Check in the hotel,start the tour of Isfahan which includes:

  • Jame msque of Isfahan.
  • Vank cathedral
  • Eight Paradise(8 Behesht)Palace
  • 33(Sio se pol) and Kahajou Bridges.

Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 2 :

 Visiting world heritage site Naqshe jahan Square which includes:

  •  Shah Mosque ,A’li qapu palace and Sheikh lotf allah mosque.
  • 40 column palace.
  • Qeysarieh baazar

Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 3: check out the hotel .Drive to messr  desert via Meybod visiting:

  • Jame mosque of Meybod dates back to 12th century.

Overnight in desert.


Day 4:hiking in the mountains and after lunch get ready for safaritour in the heart of desert.

At night you can sit beside fire and watching stars.

The stars in the silence of night.

overnight in messr.


Day 5:leaving messr village and drive to yazd.


  • Naeen  caravansaray.
  • Silent towers.
  • Zoroastrian firetemple.
  • Jame mosque and old part of the city.
  • Amir chakhmaq complex.
  • Dolat abad garden.

Overnight in yazd.


Day 6:Drive  to shiraz and visiting Unesco sites:

  • Pasargad
  • Persepolis
  • Necropolis.

Overnight in shiraz.


Day 7:Visiting:

  • Nasir al molk mosque which is famous for its pink tile works and colorful lights during the day,
  • Naranjistan garden,
  • Hafez tomb,famous poet of 15th century.
  • Eram garden
  • karim khan complex and vakil baazar.

Overnight in shiraz. Early morning departure .